Tuskegee Youth Safe Haven Mentoring

Tuskegee University Garden

The Tuskegee Safe Haven Mentor Program is greatly enhanced by a special Youth Garden initiative from the Tuskegee University's Social Work Department.  This unique intervention partners with the Tuskegee University School of Agriculture and Business, along with the Tuskegee University Social Work Student Alliance.  Coordinated by Jacqueline McArthur (a.k.a. Ms. Jackie), Social Work Professor, the University Social Work Students meet weekly with the children to conduct activities in agribusiness, farming and gardening techniques.

Each child has a box garden at the University Farm.  The Social Work Students assist the youth in planting, weeding, harvesting and marketing their agri-products at the Macon County Farmer's Market.

This activity takes place primarily during Spring and Summer months for outdoor activities.  In the Fall and Winter, the children are engaged in activities at the Dr. George Washington Carver Agriculture Experiment Station's Green House.

This program is highlighted in an article published in the "Children, Youth and Enironments Journal"  Vol. 20, No. 1 (Spring 2010), University of Colorado.

The  program is also  updated  regularly on the Tuskegee University Social Work Department's Facebook page.

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