Tuskegee Youth Safe Haven Tech Teens

 BIMS Tech Teen Training coordinator, Darlene Adams, is pictured with Tech Teens and Safe Haven Youth Advocate, Yolanda Green at 2009 Tech Teen Training; pictured are:  Mrs. Green, Mrs. Adams, Sukari, Katie, Briana, Tereem, Courtney and Cheree

Netelysis CEO, Boyd Stephens instructs Tech Teen Courtney Ford in alpha-numeric math base conversions, as Safe Haven Exec. Director, Stanley Horn and other Tech Teens look on.

BIMS Director, Dr. Berhanu Tameru, greets Tech Teens at 2009 Tech Teens Training session.

BIMS Web Development Specialist, Samina Aktar, instructs Tech Teen Katie Phillips in website design at Summer Tech Teen Training, 2009.

Tech Teens

The Safe Haven Tech Teens Program was created through the effort of Boyd Stephens of UGMO Research and Netelysis, out of Montgomery, AL.  His vision of teaching young people the language of computers developed into a weekly session.

The students learned alpha-numeric math and were able to translate numbers from one base to another.  This immediately improved math skills in school. 

Summer Tech Teens

In the summer of 2009, the dynamic staff of Tuskegee University's Biomedical Information Management System, under the leadership of it's director, Dr. Berhanu Tameru, formed an international cluster of instructors for the Tech Teen program.  This is the first of it's kind for the University.  The Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine Nursing and Allied Health, Dr. Tsegaye Habtemariam,  supported a teen training program for web development and digital media.

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This will form a Tech Teen business for website development.

 Tech Teens Suggestions for Community Development

Click Below to download a Tech Teen Power Point presentation on improving Macon County, AL

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