Tuskegee Youth Safe Haven Youth Development


A key component of the Tuskegee Youth Safe Haven / Police Mini-Station is the Mentors Program.  This involves concerned adults and older teens with the youth participants.  These individuals are screened by law enforcement databases and have regular quality time to interact with the children.

The main portion of the Mentors program is conducted by the Tuskegee University Social Work Department.  Members of the Tuskegee University Social Work Student Alliance meet weekly with the children in a group setting.  This is coordinated by a University professor, Ms. Jacqueline MacArthur and the activities include:  arts and crafts, sewing, creative dance, recreation and playtime, sports, campus field trips, and gardening.  The children have grown:  tomatos, sweet peppers, canalopes, watermellon, carrots, sweet potatos, pumpkins, and a variety of flowers.

Group Mentoring

Mentors in Uniform

Safe Haven Assistants

Safe Haven Near Peers

Tuskegee University Garden

Tuskegee University Mentors


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