Tuskegee Youth Safe Haven

The Tuskegee Youth Safe Haven / Police Mini-Station was established in 2005, as a drug abuse and violence prevention program in Macon County, Alabama.  It is funded through the Department of Justice and other government agencies and private foundations.  The Tuskegee Safe Haven is located in the Ridgewood community, a public housing community, off Howard Road in Tuskegee, Alabama.

The Safe Haven was developed through a collaboration between the Milton S. Eishenhower Foundation, the Tuskegee / Macon County Community Development Corporation and the Tuskegee Housing Authority.  During the first year of existence, Safe Haven staff met with local residents and Safe Haven parents to address the condition of the community streets.  By convening a series of meetings and training sessions on negotiation techniques, the Safe Haven staff and parents created and circulated a petition, then set up a meeting with the Tuskegee City Manager.  Within two (2) weeks construction began on streets that had not been paved in over 30 years.

Safe Haven also conducted an "Arts Workshop" in the summer of 2005, in a Ridgewood three (3) bedroom unit.  The youth learned essay writing, local history, computer skills, and wood carving from a wood carving Master, Mr. Homer Johnson.  He is the founder of the Macon County Woodcarver's Association.  The youth completed their projects and displayed them at the Grand Opening of the Youth Safe Haven in it's present home at 2908 Foster Street.  On hand were representatives from the Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation, Tuskegee Macon County C.D.C., City Government, Congressman Mike Rogers office, Senator Shelby's Office and the Tuskegee Housing Authority.

From those beginnings, the Safe Haven has progressed to a year-round program with an academic year schedule and a summer camp schedule.  Youth in the program are from five (5) to eleven (11) years old.  Those over eleven become Near Peers to assist the staff and work with the younger students.  The program operates through a series of partnerships and cooperative working relationships with:

  • Alabama Cooperative Extension System
  • Auburn University Center for Community and Civic Engagement
  • Carver District of the Boy Scouts of America
  • Ridgewood Resident Council
  • Tuskegee Housing Authority
  • T.H.A. Resident Council Executive Board
  • Tuskegee Police Department
  • Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site / National Park Service
  • Tuskegee University College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences
  • Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine Nursing and Allied Health
  • Tuskegee University Biomedical Information Management System
  • Tuskegee University Department of Social Work
  • Tuskegee University Social Work Student Alliance
  • Divine Inspiration Street Ministry
  • Tuskegee Chapter of The Links International
  • Macon County Music Camp (under the Direction of Dr. David Banks)
  • Macon County School District
  • Macon County Sheriff's Department
  • Washington Chapel A.M.E. Church Women's Ministry

The youth in Safe Haven meet daily, Monday through Fridays from 3:00 p.m. through 7:00 p.m. for Academic Tutorials, Life Skills Training and Mentoring.  The program includes:

  • Tuskegee University Social Work Garden/Mentors program
  • Washington Chapel Girls Club Unlimited
  • Tuskegee Safe Haven Community Choir and Praise Dance Team
  • Cooperative Extension Nutrition Class
  • Troop #174 Boy / Girl Scout Program
  • Tech Teens Business Training
  • Wait Training
  • Macon County Bridge Builders
  • Music Camp and Music Appreciation
  • TYSH Tech Lab
  • TYSH Media Lab
  • Tuskegee University Summer Tech Teen Training program

The Tuskegee Safe Haven Executive Director is Stanley Horn, a community organizer, housing developer, and economic specialist.  The Site Director is Guy Trammell, an education technology designer.

  The Youth Advocates are Janet Reynolds, a recreation/sports associate, and Vanessa Kennon, a food and cosmetology industry specialist.

TYSH Youth Advocate, Larry Uzzle (technology/business specialist and entertainment industry veteran), engages the Safe Haven boys in table games after school.

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